Seminars and Receptions

You are invited to organise your company seminars and receptions at Château Les Bouysses
which  is well-located 15 minutes from Cahors,
75 minutes from Brive and 90 minutes from either Toulouse or Agen.

The suite of reception rooms at Château Les Bouysses offers flexibility and can  be  tailored to all requirements. The reception rooms of different sizes can be booked separately or together.
Château’s great reception room can be used as a conference room and the other rooms used for smaller meetings and/or meals, cocktails and relaxation. 

If required, the Orangery can be coupled with the Château reception rooms.

The Château’s great reception room

 160 people in conference format
 80 people in meeting format with tables

The Orangery

 XXX people in conference format
 XXX people in meeting format with tables

Capacity of the other reception rooms

x personnes au salon Auxérrois
x personnes au salon Murat

La grande salle du Château Les Bouysses

Room layout with tables and chairs will be organised according to your wishes.

We can organise a pleasurable break with visits to the cellar to taste wines and other local produce such as walnuts to round off your day beautifully.

Should your event necessitate overnight accomodation we suggest the Count’s bedroom or the La Treille house.

If you have any special requests we are available to cater to them.


Rental by the day or over several days.
From April to October:
2 lounges : 550 € HT
Castle * : 1800 € HT
Orangery ** : 680 € HT
Castle* + Orangery** : 2500€ HT

From November to March:
2 lounges : 450 € HT
Castle* : 1500 € HT
Orangery** : 450 € HT
Castle* + Orangery** : 2000 € HT

* excluding sleeping
** no heating



The Le Treille house and Jean’s house, Château appartment and Count’s bedroom provide accomodation for up to 24 people.

We remain at your disposal for any combination of the above to suit your requirements

1149 rue du lac de Courtil
46090 Mercuès